Vero Beach, Florida, United States, Property #T2305

Property #:T2305
Property Name:Interior Designer
Point Value:2.4 - 3.5
Location:Vero Beach
Florida 23114
Country:United States
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Nearest Airport:Melbourne, Orlando and West Palm Beach 1 1/2 hour drive highway.
Max Occupancy:6
Square Feet:4000
Will also Rent: No
Is Fractional: No
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This lovely 4000 sq. ft. Interior Designer's home is in Vero Beach, Florida. It has 3 bedrooms, 5 baths, an enclosed porch room, beautiful patio, pool and spa, and overloooks the lake and Tuscan Bridge. You will find lots of granite and marble throughout this light and airy home. It is located across the street from the ocean in an upscale gated community in prestigious Indian River. Please feel free to give our offices a call for answers to any questions you may have regarding this property and we will be very happy to assist you!
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Dec 18 2015  Dec 27 2016
Apr 18 2016  Oct 7 2016
Apr 29 2016  Oct 7 2016
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